Our Design Process

Concept Plan

During the scoping phase we need to discuss your needs.Here we develop the 'architecture' for the site and build the site framework. We start at the drawing board, generally with a temporary site enabling client interaction. We utilise any promotional material you have provided, such as brochures, digital images, photographs, presentations, acclamation and publications etc.

During this concept planning process we ask that you collate and write content for your website; remember you are the expert in your business. We will assist you in this process.


Once the layout and design of the site is approved and agreed, that's when the programming work starts. Graphics are created and in computer terms we start 'coding', or building your website. As the site is developing you will be able to view progress via the temporary site location.

Once complete, we ask that you carry out a complete and exhaustive review of the site to ensure the contact is correct and in accordance with your business processes.


Possibly the most important step, every button is pushed, every link verified, colours checked and the entire site checked and re-checked.


The final step; the website is launched on the Internet at its final host with its own domain name. Search engine submissions are completed and any other marketing required takes place. It is very important that we work together to make your website truly effective and most importantly benefit your customers and your business.

Website Marketing & Promotion

The promotion of your website is an extremely important part of developing your presence on the web.The promotion of your website is an extremely important part of developing your presence on the web. When we design and construct your website it will be search engine compatible and we will carry out one search engine submission to the most popular directories such as Google, Yahoo & Excite etc.

If you have requested our services for regular search engine promotion, we will begin the regular process of submissions and monitoring your site's ranking.

Our site promotion service extends over a 6 month period with the submission exercise carried out monthly.

The META data including Keywords are continually refined during the submission exercise, ensuring over time your site achieves a very high search engine ranking.